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We are just beginning to appreciate the limitless social, economic, and personal benefits of living in the hyper connected, digital world. Cyber Insecurity identifies the risks and threats to the system upon which we become more dependent every day and the means to overcome them. A must read for those living in the digital forevermore!

Tom Ridge, First Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania

Richard Harrison and Trey Herr have assembled as comprehensive a map as exists to many of the most vexing issues in computer security. Cyber Insecurity deserves to be read by policymakers, industry leaders, academics, and anyone concerned with these increasingly central issues.

Nate Fick, CEO of Endgame Inc., and NYT bestselling author of ONE BULLET AWAY

Much of America seems to view all things cyber as being akin to the black arts... something more to be feared and placated than understood.  No more.  It's time to step out of the darkness and review the body of history and academic commentary that has been developed.  And much of that has been conveniently captured in Cyber Insecurity: Navigating the Perils of the Next Information Age, a real primer for anyone wanting to better understand the emerging age.

General Michael V. Hayden, Former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

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